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All throughout our store, you will see a lot of 5×8 rugs!


We carry a variety of rugs from several different brands! We always post when new ones come in on our FB, because we’re excited! If you like one that we have on the floor, but need a different size or a newer one, we can order it for you! We carry, Surya, Dalyn, KAS, and sometimes Mayberry rugs! It’s hard to keep up with all the ones we have!

You can also browse online and view all of the rugs that we can order for you! Surya and Dalyn are our most frequent brands that we keep in stock and we usually have some samples to try out too!

We can also order from Mayberry and KAS as well, although we might not have any samples for you to check out.

If you find one that you like and would like a price, you can call 270-247-4488 or request a quote here. Please tell us the brand and number of the one you are interested in as well as your preferred size. The ship time could be as fast as a week! And it could completely transform your space! That’s the magic of rugs, they can tie everything all together!


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